Frequently Asked Questions
InspoScience Canada is a non-profit organization that provides avenues for aspiring young scientists in Canada to feature their research at global science fairs.
Focused on recognizing the very best of high school scientific talent, InspoScience Canada’s Team Canada Science Fair program provides students with the opportunity to travel internationally, exchange ideas & cultures with other top youth from all across the world, and showcase their work to experts in the field, while opening up possibilities for getting recognized for their distinguished work with prestigious awards.
The most it will cost for one student is $2500 CAD. The price varies from fair to fair, with some fairs being fully sponsored as well. It includes airfare, local transportation, meals, extra city tours, participant kits, program fees, and official fair activities.
InspoScience Canada usually selects between 3-6 participants, however this is subject to change as each fair has different requirements.
Fairs will have a hotel or campus where participants will stay. Participants will share rooms with other Team Canada participants of the same gender.
InspoScience sends 1-2 chaperones to each fair.
Yes! Some of our fairs are fully sponsored, while others partially. If you demonstrate a financial need, we will work with you individually, and do our best to explore ways to fund part of your program fee.
  • You must:
    •       •   Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
            •   Be 14-24 & currently enrolled in secondary or post-secondary institution
            •   Have worked on the project alone or with max. 1 partner
  • The application requires the following information:
    •       •   Name, phone number and email
            •   Parent information and contact
            •   School and grade
            •   Project title, abstract and full research paper
            •   3 paragraph (<250 words each) submission, titled 'Why I am a Deserving Candidate for InspoScience Team Canada'
    Our Scientific Review Committee (SRC), comprised of academic professionals & industry experts, holistically reviews each project, and has a video interview with you, and makes the decision approx. 2-4 weeks after you have submitted your application.
    A good application is one that emcompasses thorough documentation of your project & highlights genuine commitment & belief in the applications of your project.
    A student that will get the most out of InspoScience Team Canada Science Fair program, is one who is genuinely passionate about their work & research, and is interested in sharing it with professionals from all around the world, while getting expert feedback, mentorship, and opportunities to learn about other projects done by fellow top young minds.
    Yes and no. You cannot apply with a project you have presented at one of our past fairs, however you are very welcome to do so with a different one, or a continuation.
    Not all projects are at the level (yet!) to present at an international science fair. Don’t take it as a setback, but rather a milestone in your research journey, and as a motivator to make your project better than ever! You are welcome to apply again for our next fair.
    Qualified & experienced adult delegates will be chaperoning the students.
    All students are expected to buy international medical insurance for the duration of the trip. During an emergency, our capable delegates will properly assess the situation and take required appropriate action while keeping us all updated. A notarized travel consent form must also be signed by the student’s legal parents/guardians that releases InspoScience Canada of any, and all liabilities should anything happen.
    Although all airfare, local transportation, meals, extra city tours, participant kits, program fees, and official fair activities are covered in the program fee, your child may want extra money for personal food, souvenirs, and emergencies - we recommend budgeting for an extra $150-$300 depending on your child’s individual preferences.